[NTG-context] Beta bib module release

Thomas A. Schmitz thomas.schmitz at uni-bonn.de
Thu Sep 29 09:49:55 CEST 2005

Hi Taco,

disregard most of what I wrote yesterday: most of your new module is  
working fine, thanks so much! Haven't tested the new features yet,  
but will very soon. I'm especially thrilled by the \cite[right=]  
command and hope it works!

One major (but probably easy-to-fix) problem is that your wonderfully  
clear syntax {<before}{<after>}{<instead>} isn't working anymore.  
Here's an example. I have this line in my setup for books:
     \insertseries{ (}{), }{, }%
which used to work: if the entry has information about the series,  
put it in parentheses and append a comma, if it doesn't, just put the  
comma. With the new module, I get an extra (), after every title, and  
the same is true for other constructs.

One question: in the parsed bbl file, the bibtex field "address" is  
translated into "city," "publisher" into "pubname," and "year" into  
"pubyear." Is there a reason for this? I found it a bit confusing  
because you have a macro \insertpublisher which inserts "city,  
pubname"; coming from the names in the database, I couldn't figure  
out what was happening until I looked at the source. Would it be  
possible to just keep the fieldnames as bibtex has them?

As for  the vertical spacing problem: depending on the font and the  
settings for interlinespace, it is more or less visible. To see a  
really clear case, try setting the interlinespace to something really  
big like 5ex, then you can see that space within the entries is  
regular while space between entries is somewhat smaller.

Again, thanks a lot for your wonderful work, and tot ziens!


On Sep 29, 2005, at 8:57 AM, Taco Hoekwater wrote:

> Hi Thomas,
> Thomas A.Schmitz wrote:
>> Taco,
>> just so you don't think nobody is interested in your new beta: I   
>> dlded it today and played with it, but had to revert to the old   
>> version because it somehow did not honor the modifications I made  
>> to  \setuppublicationlayout (I was getting some default instead of  
>> my own  version, and there were spurious periods and colons in all  
>> the  entries).
> I saw those in my (very small) example file as well, but that is
> from a database that is known to have flaws so I didn't investigate
> any further and just assumed that they were caused by broken input.
> I will check again.
>> I will test it again within the next few days. By the way:  I  
>> spent one hour last weekend and, by judiciously sprinkling some   
>> \unskip's in my definitions, had gotten rid of the extra spaces.  
>> I  actually wanted to write to you about it this week...
> Don't you hate it when that happens?
>> Meanwhile, the one thing that I find really disturbing is the  
>> messed  up vertical spacing. I'm doing my first real-life book  
>> project with  Context and your bib module. It won't be finished  
>> before sometime  next year, but expect me to come knockin' on your  
>> door often. My  bibliography is long (371 items), but fairly  
>> regular, so I think  everything else is working just fine, but I  
>> can't give a pdf to the  publisher where the lines are so  
>> irregular. Any chance of you looking  into that soon?
> The vertical spacing in my example looks ok, so perhaps it
> something in your setup that messes it up hard (or something in
> my setup that masks the problem). Can you send me an excerpt for
> testing maybe?
> Cheers, Taco
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