[NTG-context] Beta bib module release

Thomas A.Schmitz thomas.schmitz at uni-bonn.de
Wed Sep 28 22:46:32 CEST 2005


just so you don't think nobody is interested in your new beta: I  
dlded it today and played with it, but had to revert to the old  
version because it somehow did not honor the modifications I made to  
\setuppublicationlayout (I was getting some default instead of my own  
version, and there were spurious periods and colons in all the  
entries). I will test it again within the next few days. By the way:  
I spent one hour last weekend and, by judiciously sprinkling some  
\unskip's in my definitions, had gotten rid of the extra spaces. I  
actually wanted to write to you about it this week...

Meanwhile, the one thing that I find really disturbing is the messed  
up vertical spacing. I'm doing my first real-life book project with  
Context and your bib module. It won't be finished before sometime  
next year, but expect me to come knockin' on your door often. My  
bibliography is long (371 items), but fairly regular, so I think  
everything else is working just fine, but I can't give a pdf to the  
publisher where the lines are so irregular. Any chance of you looking  
into that soon?

But first: thanks so much for providing the module and working on it!



On Sep 27, 2005, at 3:02 PM, Taco Hoekwater wrote:

> Hi,
> I have prepared a beta release of the bibliography module,
> and uploaded it as
>   http://tex.aanhet.net/bib/m-bib-beta-20050927.zip
> Because it is only a beta, I have not fixed the documentation yet.
> The differences between this version and the one in the ConTeXt
> distribution are outlined below.
> I know that the wishlist is quite long, and there are even still
> bugs I have not looked into, but I have to release *something*
> otherwise nothing will ever happen. Somehow I never seem to get
> around to working on the module. :-(
> Comments (and testfiles) are welcome, and feel free to update
> the wishlist on the wiki :
>   http://wiki.contextgarden.net/User:Taco/Bib
> Happy TeXing, Taco
> ==============================================
> Bugfixes:
> * The extra spaces in the output of authors and editors
>   inside the publication list should be gone.
> * \newbibfield now works as advertised
> * It is possible to use context commands with the same
>   name as a bib fieldname inside the arguments of the
>   fields. This now compiles correctly:
>   \startpublication[k=garden,t=misc,a={Wiki people}]
>   \thekey{Wiki people}
>   \title{The \type{\ConTeXt} garden}
>   \note{See also \useurl[pedia]{http://wikipedia.com}\url[pedia]}
>   \url{http://wiki.contextgarden.net}
>   \stoppublication
> New features:
> * Two new styles are now part of the distribution:
>   bibl-apa-de.tex and bibl-ssa.tex
> * \cite now accepts \setupcite arguments in the
>   optional argument, so you can do stuff like
>     \cite[right={, chapter 5)}][key]
>   The commands
>     \cite[alternative=author][key]
>   and
>     \cite[author][key]
>   are equivalent
> * The bibtex fields URL and LASTCHECKED have been added
>   to the bst files.
> * Two new \setupcite arguments 'andtext' and 'otherstext'
>   have been added, and the language-dependancy of the bst
>   files has been removed.
> * There is a new type of \citation:
>      \cite[url][key]
>   It does not do any kind of interaction, if you want that
>   you have to wrap the \cite in another command. Internally,
>   this uses the new 'u=' argument to \startpublication.
> * Also, \cite[doi][key] now actually does generate the doi in
>   the text (this uses the 'o=' argument to \startpublication)
> * Finally, you can get selected data bits from a publication
>   by using
>     \getcitedata [url] [garden] to \gardenlink
>   (in this case, \gardenlink will be \def-ed to the value
>   of the \url{..} field in the bib item with label 'garden').
> Discontinued:
> * I have removed t-bibltx.tex. All it did was define the
>   \newcommand command, and you are better off using the
>   new latex emulation module for that.
> * I dropped support for the INSTITUTE field in bibtex
>   (it was never actually used anyway)
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