[NTG-context] How up-to-date is cont-enp.pdf

Alexander Lazic al-context at none.at
Tue Sep 27 10:17:18 CEST 2005


On Die 27.09.2005 09:39, Hans Hagen wrote:
>- actually it's a partial manual, some chapters are still 'unedited'
>- because i don't want too much detail in it, some topics got their own
>manual (column sets, details, color, metafun, tables, etc) - i'll redo
>the manual (maybe start this winter) and may split off more parts
>and/or add other (easier to maintain)

Thanx for explain ;-)

>- a general overview of context will be provided by a book written by
>steve peter and adam lindsay

Do you know when the book will arrive?


al ;-)

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