[NTG-context] t-rsteps and starttyping

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Sep 22 22:39:45 CEST 2005

David Munger wrote:

>The RawSteps module produces virtual slides with stepping, by rendering
>the step incrementally on successive pages. Thus, the
>\StartSteps...\StopSteps macro has to expand its argument (i.e. the
>content of the slide) a certain number of times, depending the number of
>requested steps. Of course, it shows only the relevant parts at each
>To allow this, I had to work around page numbers, formula numbers, and
>lately \starttyping blocks.
>If you could suggest a better way to achieve this multiple expansion, it
>would be welcome.
did you ever try 

  texexec --mode=demo s-pre-61 

using 'layers' is rather robust (no duplicate pages and such); 

Some of the older presentation styles build the pages stepwise, they use either boxes, or buffers (i must look into it, but there is also one that plugs into the otr; in your case, collecting in a box and uncopying it is probably the best method. 

there is no general robust solution for this that does not messes up something so it depends on the kin df presentation 


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