[NTG-context] lilypond inclusion + pdf crop

andrea valle valle at di.unito.it
Fri Sep 16 23:08:14 CEST 2005

(thanks to all)

I'm very happy and proud of this comments, having started using context 
two months ago exactly because of this project, and I was not very 
satisfied with coercing metafun's elegance to work like a no-brain 
plotter....Another fantastic thing of this context/lily setup is that I 
went today to the typography with my usb pen and printed my two PDFs 
-A1 format- in a while. Non problem at all.
Now, let's see if my friend pianist will appreciate too...

I'm planning to have six pieces. As it seems that it can raise some 
interest, when I finish all I'll set up a web page and  post a link to 

In the meanwhile I keep making context (and lilypond) propaganda. Next 
seminar in our Multimedia department (http://www.cirma.unito.it/) will 
be dedicated to this mixed typesetting system 

Best and thanks to all for supporting context


On 16 Sep 2005, at 17:29, Hans Hagen wrote:

> andrea valle wrote:
>> Here are two of the resulting scores (not totally finished yet)
>> www.semiotiche.it/andrea/membrana/nodi-I.pdf
>> www.semiotiche.it/andrea/membrana/nodi-II.pdf
>> and one of the context file
>> www.semiotiche.it/andrea/membrana/nodi-I.tex
> impressive
> Hans
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