[NTG-context] No small caps?

Giuseppe Bilotta gip.bilotta at iol.it
Tue Sep 13 11:39:06 CEST 2005

Monday, September 12, 2005 Taco Hoekwater wrote:

> The corrected input is:

>    \usetypescript[adobekb][ec]
>    \definefontsynonym [ec-uplr8a-capitalized-800]
>                       [pplrc8t]  [encoding=ec]
>    \loadmapfile[context-base]
>    \usetypescript[palatino][ec]
>    \setupbodyfont[palatino,rm,12pt]
>    \switchtobodyfont[12pt]

I made a similar fix for 8r. I also had to install the fpls
package (SC and OsF for URW Palladio) ... and now pdfetex
1.21a produces a flaky pdf! (xref table at the end is

I'll tru to debug the problem ...

Giuseppe "Oblomov" Bilotta

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