[NTG-context] puzzling metafun graphics

Thomas A. Schmitz thomas.schmitz at uni-bonn.de
Mon Sep 12 17:45:47 CEST 2005

This one hast just cost me two hours, and I'm still baffled. The  
story (in shorthand):  was trying to integrate a positional metafun  
graphic into a presentation. I got no output. I tried making a  
minimal example file to reproduce the problem, and sure enough,  
everything went fine. I rebuilt the entire file, by pasting one  
paragraph of the original file at a time, and I got exactly the  
output I wanted. [Drumroll] I deleted the original file and  
everything associated with it [i.e. all those .tui and .tuo etc.],  
saved the new file from my /tmp directory to my working directory,  
and -- I got no output again. diff shows that both files are  
identical. Looking at the logs, there's only one difference I can spot:

< \openout5 = `test-mpgraph.mp'.
 > \openout5 = `05.11.08-mpgraph.mp'.
<  [MP to PDF] (./test-mpgraph.1) [MP to PDF] (./test-mpgraph.2)
< [MP to PDF] (./test-mpgraph.3)
 >  [MP 05.11.08-mpgraph.1] [MP 05.11.08-mpgraph.2]
 > [MP 05.11.08-mpgraph.3]
< systems         : end file test at line 426
 > systems         : end file 05.11.08 at line 426
< [flush and process test-mpgraph.mp afterwards] )
 > [flush and process 05.11.08-mpgraph.mp afterwards] )

The "MP to PDF" part is missing from the file 05.11.08, which might  
explain why I don't see anything in the resulting pdf. But why? Can  
anybody enlighten me why the same file can behave differently? And  
how I can coax ConTeXt into running this MP to PDF thingy? Thanks


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