[NTG-context] Start of application within a context document

Stephen A. Tjemkes Stephen.Tjemkes at eumetsat.int
Thu Sep 8 08:33:30 CEST 2005


If you excuse my ignorance, but I am looking for  a simple example how to launch an executable (a tcl/tk script in my case) from within a pdf document prepared by context. 

During a presentation i would like to show some graphics which are generated through the execution of a tcl/tk script. 
One could close the pdf file and open the tcl/tk script, but it would be nice if one could symbolically link the script within the pdf file. 
Because I prepare the pdf file using context, I searched the context manuals, but didnot find a solution to this problem. 

Therefore if somebody has solved this already and is willing to share his/her experience I would be grateful



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