[NTG-context] Antykwa math support & \Longrightarrow

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Tue Aug 30 10:39:07 CEST 2005


Mojca Miklavec wrote:
> Hello,
> a slightly strange question. I re-compiled a pretty old ConTeXt
> document a couple of days ago. In the "old good times" it was typeset
> with
>     \setupbodyfont[ant,18pt]
> and an equation with $a\Longrightarrow b$.

If you don't mind switching full fonts, you could do this:

   \starttypescript [math] [antykwa-torunska] [name]
     \definefontsynonym [MathRoman]        [ComputerModernMath-Roman]
     \definefontsynonym [MathExtension]    [ComputerModernMath-Extension]
     %  \definefontsynonym [MathItalic]       [ComputerModernMath-Italic]
     \definefontsynonym [MathSymbol]       [ComputerModernMath-Symbol]

but there is more in the MathItalic fonts than just letters, so it
may produce un-even effects (I'm slowly getting better at this
typescript stuff :-))

If you want more detailed control, you have to load extra math
font families and redefine selected bits of the math collection
(see font-unk.tex and math-tex.tex)

> \usetypescript[antykwa-torunska][ec]
> \definetypeface[MyAnt] [rm] [serif] [antykwa-torunska]  [default] [encoding=ec]
> \setupbodyfont[MyAnt,10pt]
> \starttext
> abc\ccaron
> \stoptext

This example worked for me. What was your precise error ?

Cheers, Taco

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