[NTG-context] Upgrading ConTeXt and testing

jjgod gzjjgod at 21cn.com
Tue Aug 30 04:53:36 CEST 2005

Taco Hoekwater wrote:
> Lately, we get a lot of bug reports for miktex, which is problematic
> since none of us use miktex: I believe Hans has a fptex-ish system,
> and most other 'core' people are either linux or macintosh based.

The problem is, currently MikTeX (2.4) does not have a SDK, the 
maintainer said a SDK will be released in version 2.5, but the release 
date is not fixed yet.

MikTeX use a different way (compare to tetex) to load web2c config file, 
so the kpathsea library in MikTeX is just a wrapper of function calls to 
the MikTeX library. Without a SDK we have to fetch all the source code 
of MikTeX to compile such a library, which is rather difficult.

To name one problem I encounted, the Win32 binaries of afm2pl (from 
http://tex.aanhet.net/afm2pl/) does not work in MikTeX (because the 
reason I just described), but it's really hard to compile a binary (with 
libkpse support) by myself.

> A volunteer for miktex would be brilliant (even better: someone who
> knows how to compile miktex executables).

- jjgod.

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