[NTG-context] [Fwd: ConTEXt Newbie: Column/table background color - which table model/command?]

luigi.scarso luigi.scarso at logosrl.it
Mon Aug 29 09:23:23 CEST 2005

Taco Hoekwater wrote:

> Hi all,
> Forwarding this from c.t.t. It looks like perhaps the OP's code
> is correct and something in ConTeXt is wrong (at least I cannot
> find anything wrong with the example code, even with
> \setupcolors[state=start], I get no background color).
> Perhaps somebody who has actually used table backgrounds can
> help?
I hope this can help;
see chapter "Color and background" in cont-eni.pdf

\setupcolors[state=start] %% useful: default=stop
\setupbackground[state=start] %% useless: default=start
{Just a table.}
%% from cont-eni.pdf  :``The command \background expects
%% an argument. Because a table is `grouped' it will generate
%% by itself and no extra braces are necessary.``
\VL red    \VL green    \VL blue    \VL \AR
\VL cyan \VL magenta \VL yellow \VL \AR


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