[NTG-context] Unable to make cont-en.fmt

luigi.scarso luigi.scarso at logosrl.it
Thu Aug 25 11:37:03 CEST 2005

Taco Hoekwater wrote:

> Luigi,
> It attempts to read the file "*cont-en.ini", with the star included
> in the name. From personal experience, I know that this will happen
> when pdfetex is not really pdfetex, but a non-etex pdftex ...
> (because of a symlinked executable, i'll wager)

symlink it's the magic word...
Yes, the error happened when I copied latest pdfetex and pdftex:
pdftex is symbolic link to pdfetex.
I was so stupid to remade copy until i didn't read your answer...

Now all it's ok.

Many thanks Taco


What do you think about to write a dense guide to programmer on how to add
a pdftex primitive (something like \pdfhelloworld) and how to interface 
to an
external libray (like zlib) ?
I think that this will fill a hole in documentations.

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