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Ciro Soto cirosoto at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 01:44:26 CEST 2005

Thank you for your replies. They helped. I need two more twiks...
Twik 1:
My font is too slanted and the asterisk (*) is printed too close to the 
last word in the sentence. 
Charles IV \footnote[]{asdfasdf}
will print an asterisk touching the V letter.
How do I instruct context to give me some room before printing the  asterisk?

Second twik:
How to control the distance between the page text and the line that separates
the footnote and the page text? 
I tried the "distance=", the "height="  arguments in the
setupfootnotes, but they don't do
what I want. 
thank you

On 8/22/05, Brooks Moses <bmoses at stanford.edu> wrote:
> At 05:57 AM 8/22/2005, Taco Hoekwater <taco at elvenkind.com> wrote:
> >         I think like this:
> >
> >   \defineconversion[starred][*]
> >   \setupfootnotes[conversion=starred]
> >
> >Untested, but should work
> It doesn't quite work.
> If you give a single argument to \defineconversion, it expects the
> conversion to be a command that takes an argument.  Since you haven't taken
> an argument, the number gets typeset after the asterisk.  Also, the
> asterisk needs to be in math mode to get positioned correctly, I
> think.  Correcting for both of those gives this, which works:
>      \def\gobble#1{}
>      \defineconversion[starred][\mathematics{*}\gobble]
>     \setupfootnotes[conversion=starred]
> However, that's somewhat of a hack; better is to set up the footnotes to
> reset the counter on each page, and then use one of ConTeXt's predefined
> conversion sets that starts with an asterisk but follows it with other
> symbols.  That way, if one changes the file so that there end up being two
> footnotes on the same page, they won't both get asterisks (which would be
> confusing).
> That can be done quite simply, like so:
>     \setupfootnotes[way=bypage,conversion=set 2]
> Set 2 uses a \dag and then \ddag as the symbols after *, which is fairly
> standard typographic practice.  If you prefer to do a sequence of *, **,
> ***, and **** instead, try something like this:
>      \defineconversion
>        [asterisks]
>        [\mathematics{*},
>         \mathematics{**},
>         \mathematics{***},
>         \mathematics{****},
>         \mathematics{\dag},
>         \mathematics{\ddag}]
>     \setupfootnotes[way=bypage,conversion=asterisks]
> - Brooks
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