[NTG-context] Re: ConTeXt in MikTeX distribution

jjgod gzjjgod at 21cn.com
Mon Aug 22 16:00:34 CEST 2005

Patrick Gundlach 写道:

>> > Then we must have different texfont.pl version. Each time afm2tfm is
>> > called, it uses either -T or -p. Running afm2tfm without those
>> > parameters doesn't make very much sense. (Unless you are an english
>> > speaking person that never typesets foreign languages.)
>>Accoding to
>>I'm afraid you are wrong, the string "-p" only occured 3 times in this
>You don't have to be afraid. Let us stop this discussion now. Those
>who know texfont.pl know that it should use the switches it uses and
>there will not be any change in this respect on the texfont.pl side.
>Just believe us that the encoding switches are vital. I have recently
>reeimplemented afm2tfm and I think that I know what I am talking
I'm sorry for bother you guys about all these trival problems, but my 
is that I'm trying to use ConTeXt under Win32, then I found many things not
so ideal like they're under Linux.

Just list another one, font files received from the vendor is usually in 
letters, such as PJN_____.PFB, but the copy_files routine in texfont.pl only
copy *.pfb, then all the type1 files will not be copy to texmf...


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