[NTG-context] blocks in itemize

r.ermers at hccnet.nl r.ermers at hccnet.nl
Mon Aug 22 09:15:47 CEST 2005

Thanks Taco,

I have of course thought of that, and I know it must work, but in the way I intend to set up the document, especially in regard to the connections between the blocks (item A' = translation of item A), it would be handy if it could be done around each item.

If not, I'll have to find another solution.

Kind regards,


>> Dear Contexers,
>> I am setting up a complex bilingual document, which has to print one
>> language at the time.
>> Does anyone know how to use the wonderful blocks application in an
>> itemize environment? I think the second block causes problems.
> Don't putn them in, but around the itemize:
> \beginNederlandsblok
> \startitemize
> \item Ik vraag me af of ze ook appels verkopen %NED
> \stopitemize
> \endNederlandsblok
> Greetings, Taco

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