[NTG-context] Re: ConTeXt in MikTeX distribution

Patrick Gundlach patrick at gundla.ch
Sun Aug 21 20:05:29 CEST 2005


>  > Then we must have different texfont.pl version. Each time afm2tfm is
>  > called, it uses either -T or -p. Running afm2tfm without those
>  > parameters doesn't make very much sense. (Unless you are an english
>  > speaking person that never typesets foreign languages.)
> Accoding to
> http://source.contextgarden.net/scripts/context/perl/texfont.pl,
> I'm afraid you are wrong, the string "-p" only occured 3 times in this
> file,

You don't have to be afraid. Let us stop this discussion now. Those
who know texfont.pl know that it should use the switches it uses and
there will not be any change in this respect on the texfont.pl side.
Just believe us that the encoding switches are vital. I have recently
reeimplemented afm2tfm and I think that I know what I am talking

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