[NTG-context] Re: ConTeXt in MikTeX distribution

jjgod gzjjgod at 21cn.com
Sun Aug 21 14:42:06 CEST 2005

Taco Hoekwater wrote:

> There are in total 4 calls to aftm2tfm in the script, of which the
> second and third use '-p' also (check the value of $encstr). The last
> one is a 'panic response' if nothing else seems appropriate.

Well, let's search the script from top to bottom: 

1. { my $command = "afm2tfm \"$file\" -p texnansi.enc texfont.tfm" 
It's a real call to afm2tfm, with -p. 

2, 3: (deleted inrelevant code, reindented to show the structure)

if ($afmpl)
    $encstr = " -p $encfil" ;
    my $command = "afm2pl -f afm2tfm $shape $passon $encstr ...
    my $ok = `$command` ;
    my $command = "afm2tfm $file $shape $passon $encstr ...

Please notice 2 thing: 
1. afm2pl does NOT invoke afm2tfm, even with "-f afm2tfm" option
(you can check this in the source code of afm2pl by yourself)
2. $encstr in the first {} block does NOT affect the $encstr
in the second {} block, poor indention in this code may give
you a wrong idea. 

So, there is just one call here, without -p.

4. my $command = "afm2tfm $file $cleanname.tfm" ;
Obviously, no -p. 

To summarize above, 3 calls to afm2tfm total, 1 call with -p


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