[NTG-context] Re: alpha version; sorting

Vit Zyka vit.zyka at seznam.cz
Wed Aug 17 10:58:14 CEST 2005

Hans Hagen wrote:
> Vit Zyka wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am going back
>> to sorting thread...
>> (http://archive.contextgarden.net/message/20050812.082425.f0643027.html)
>> Do you think, Hans, that sorting will work even if
>> \enableregime[some-regime]?
>> It seems that until now if some input char expands to e.g. ccaron, 
>> sorting rules crashes.
>> Zipped minimal example is also attached.
> the rules go into sort-lan.tex !
> \startmode[sortorder-cz]
>    \exportsortrule {ccaron}  {c+1}
>    \exportsortreduction{ch}{c}
> \stopmode
> you also need more defs in sort-def; files attached

Thank you for actualized sort-*.tex files. Unfortunatelly it is not 
clear from your example how to write the rules for direct accent letters 
like "č". Never mind I have tried

   \exportsortshortcut{č} {\ccaron}

and it works; well that is step ahead. But, this description is encoding 
dependent. Is it intended or there is another secret trick to go around 
or the rule should be written for each encoding?


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