[NTG-context] Why do size changes affect my math font?

Brooks Moses bmoses at stanford.edu
Mon Aug 15 09:58:54 CEST 2005

At 12:33 AM 8/15/2005, Hans Hagen wrote:
>Brooks Moses wrote:
>>   \starttext
>>   \tfc
>>   The variables are $u$ and $p$.
>>   \stoptext
>>This causes the math to be in roman instead of italic.  (It's not in 
>>"text font" per se; an \it after the \tfc will italicise the text but not 
>>the math, creating a quite odd effect.)
>>Is there a reason for this?  What's the cleanest way to fix it for all 
>>the various size commands?
>i'll have a look, for teh moment say:
>at the top of your document (this triggers a more extensive synchronization)

Thanks!  That's exactly the simple and quick workaround that I was hoping 
for, for this project that's due tomorrow.  :)

I look forward to the "proper" fix for the future, as well.

- Brooks

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