[NTG-context] ec encoding and tcaron

Vit Zyka vit.zyka at seznam.cz
Sun Aug 14 16:59:02 CEST 2005

Mojca Miklavec wrote:
> Vit Zyka wrote:
>>Actually I discovered the source of the problem with \tcaron!
>>There exists enco-ecm.tex file with some exceptions. And there is
>>   \definecharacter tcaron     {\buildtextaccent\textcaron t}
>>If I comment this line, expansion is not needed. I suggest to omit it
>>since \tcaron is now present in lm.
> If and only if you work with lm & ec. Otherwise building of accents is
> quite useful.
> (How can I get ec in Antiqwa?)
>>But \WORD I do not use (it was only product of my debugging) I use
>>pseudo caps and there the problem preserves. Files attached and
>>   texfont --fontroot=X: --en=ec --ve=public --co=lm --source=auto
>>--ca=0.8 lmbx10
> Another *extremely* strange observation.
> In a document with ec encoding and some accented characters, searching
> for 'č' simply doesn't work. I don't understand why. I know very
> little about PDF, but in the resulting document there was this line
> present:
> /CharSet (/breve/one/D/U/Y/u/Ccaron/Scaron/Tcaron/Zcaron/ccaron/tcaron)
> with more or less only the characters I used. The line seems to be OK,
> ccaron seems to be present. Searching for 'š' works as expected (even
> lower/uppercase is recognised), but at the place of 'č' only c is
> recognised (if I copy-pase, only c remains at that place).
> I thought that it was only Acrobat's fault, but searching for the same
> letter in another document worked OK (documentation for Antiqwa for
> example).
> Minimal example:
> \usetypescript[modern][ec]
> \setupbodyfont[10pt,rm]
> \starttext
> \ccaron\scaron
> \stoptext

Just comment:

There should be CMAP resouce in the PDF for that maps font encoding to 
unicode. Then search and copying works. ConTeXt supports CMAP but IFAIK 
only il2 encoding! CMAP resources for the rest encoding are missing. 
Just see enco-pfr.tex


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