[NTG-context] ec encoding and tcaron

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 12:12:53 CEST 2005

Vit Zyka wrote:
> Actually I discovered the source of the problem with \tcaron!
> There exists enco-ecm.tex file with some exceptions. And there is
>    \definecharacter tcaron     {\buildtextaccent\textcaron t}
> If I comment this line, expansion is not needed. I suggest to omit it
> since \tcaron is now present in lm.

If and only if you work with lm & ec. Otherwise building of accents is
quite useful.
(How can I get ec in Antiqwa?)

> But \WORD I do not use (it was only product of my debugging) I use
> pseudo caps and there the problem preserves. Files attached and
>    texfont --fontroot=X: --en=ec --ve=public --co=lm --source=auto
> --ca=0.8 lmbx10

Another *extremely* strange observation.
In a document with ec encoding and some accented characters, searching
for 'č' simply doesn't work. I don't understand why. I know very
little about PDF, but in the resulting document there was this line

/CharSet (/breve/one/D/U/Y/u/Ccaron/Scaron/Tcaron/Zcaron/ccaron/tcaron)

with more or less only the characters I used. The line seems to be OK,
ccaron seems to be present. Searching for 'š' works as expected (even
lower/uppercase is recognised), but at the place of 'č' only c is
recognised (if I copy-pase, only c remains at that place).
I thought that it was only Acrobat's fault, but searching for the same
letter in another document worked OK (documentation for Antiqwa for

Minimal example:


and then either searching or converting to plain text.


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