[NTG-context] ec encoding and tcaron

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sat Aug 13 23:31:42 CEST 2005

Vit Zyka wrote:

> let allowed me some pessimism. I am working on our 
> 40-years-scout-group-bulletin intensively for more then a month. I 
> have to solve many many technical problems instead on focusing on the 
> design. The Bulletin is rather complex but many problems are 'simple'. 
> I start to doubt if ConTeXt (and that is why TeX generally) is good 
> tool for such typsetting. Detective debugging is good fun but if time 
> is going, no results, and the list of todo technical unwanted features 
> is increasing...

(btw, magazines can be doen quite well with columnsets) 

Here is a patched WORD (core-fnt):

\chardef\uppercasemode\plusone % 0=ignore 1=normal 2=expand

   \or % No expansion here, otherwise \getvalue problems! Default!!!
    %\edef\next{#1}% keep this to prevent roll back
    %\uppercase\expandafter{\next}% keep this to prevent roll back
     \expanded{\uppercase{#1}}% needed when in utf8

And here a patched \definecharacter (enco-ini)

\def\numcharacter#1{\char#1 }

\def\definecharacter#1 #2 %

% goes on top of enco-utf 


% \input enco-ini-new.tex

% \startmapping [ec]
%   \defineuppercasecom \something \nothing 
% \stopmapping

\input enco-ec.tex % needed when no new format 


\enableregime[utf] \usetypescript[modern][ec] \setupbodyfont[10pt,rm]

ť Ť \ccaron

\WORD{ť Ť \ccaron}


I didn't test this with latin input; the trick is to let the named glyphs expand to a raw character which then can be uppercased by tex. quite dirty. It is dangerous to do this always because in the case of written/reread data we cannot output raw characters since they would eb regimes again (this time in the wrong way). 


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