[NTG-context] ec encoding and tcaron

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sat Aug 13 22:35:13 CEST 2005

Vit Zyka wrote:

> Hi all,
> let allowed me some pessimism. I am working on our 
> 40-years-scout-group-bulletin intensively for more then a month. I 
> have to solve many many technical problems instead on focusing on the 
> design. The Bulletin is rather complex but many problems are 'simple'. 
> I start to doubt if ConTeXt (and that is why TeX generally) is good 
> tool for such typsetting. Detective debugging is good fun but if time 
> is going, no results, and the list of todo technical unwanted features 
> is increasing...
> Only some of these 'bugs' I presented in this list. Even such number 
> would be looking as making only troubles. Never mind, here is another 
> problem I am puzzled by for 4 hours...
> Please imagine a simple code in ISO-8859-2:
> --------------------------------------
> \enableregime[il2]
> %\enableregime[latin2]
> \usetypescript[modern][ec]
> \setupbodyfont[10pt,rm]
> \starttext
> ťŤ          % \tcaron\Tcaron
> \WORD{ťŤ}

i see utf8 here -)

> \stoptext
> ---------------------------------------
> It produces an error
>   ! Undefined control sequence.
>   <to be read again> ¢
> It comes from the first letter inside \WORD{...}. The same letters 
> outside \WORD are typeset OK. So ť is not defined. But where it should 
> be defined? \tcacon def is OK. Other diacritics chars e.g. \dcaron, 
> \rcaron are OK.
> I was looking to enco-ec, enco-il2, regi-lat. Upper/lower mapping and 
> char codes seems to be OK. But more I looking into I less understand 
> it. There is no regi-il2 file, so I expect that appropriate info goes 
> from enco-il2. But any other (perhaps more appropriate) combination like
>   \enableregime[latin2]
>   \usetypescript[modern][ec]
> or
>   \usetypescript[modern][il2]
> gives totaly wrong glyphs.
> I believe that ť uppecase bug also relates with ignoring making 
> pseudo-caps for this letter by
>   texfont --fontroot=X: --en=ec --ve=public --co=lm --source=auto 
> --ca=0.8 lmbx10
> So problem is somewhere in ec encoding.
> Can somebody help please? Thanks and sorry for my embittering - it 
> aims to my own head.

firts of all, i need zipped test files, since mailes mess around with 

next, can you try the alpha release, since it has some fixes (much of 
the encodings were not complete in the sense of lc/uc mappings); also 
mojca made teh latin encodings more complete

don't worry, it should work ok,

part of the problem is that il2 encoding (font encoding) is rather 
useless and incomplete but it happened to be the prefered one for czech 
cum suis (mostly computer modern related) and crossing language borders 
was not part of the game; (the same is true for pl0 encoding for polish 
and the polish computer modern; but qx encoding is supposed to handle 
both polisg and czech etc ok)

it's actually even more messy when one looks into hyphenation, since 
most patterns are ec bases (czech patterns also can handle il2), which 
is why context now ships with generic patterns that can be used in other 
font encodings as well;

regimes are just part of the input game, the active chars expand to 
names glyphs that themselves expand to characters; so, if something does 
not work as you expect, well we should make it work.


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