[NTG-context] Figure captions with text in wrong language

Roelof Langman Roelof.Langman at Planet.nl
Tue Aug 9 09:57:14 CEST 2005

Hi, I'd like my figures to have dutch captions when I write a text in dutch.
Unfortunately, context shows my captions with the text "Figure" instead of
"Figuur", which would be the dutch way.
My code looks like this:
% output=pdf
  {Figuur een}
and the text shown is "Figure 1 Figuur een".
I use texexec version 5.2.5 with cont-nl version 2005.03.16.
I assumed setting the language to nl would give me dutch captions.
What did I miss?
Cheers, Roelof Langman
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