[NTG-context] Scite spelling support

Willi Egger w.egger at boede.nl
Wed Aug 3 12:12:56 CEST 2005

Hi Hans,

I donwloaded the big Mscontext.zip. After installing and generating the
formats placing the spell-*.txt files (which are not included in the big
zip), including the import scite-ctx in the user file and setting the
environmnet variable I tried to get the spell-checking options working.

When starting Scite from the commandline with
	cscite c:\usr\local\context
now messages turn up in the right pane of Scite.
Pressing shift+F11 results in a small dropdown box, offering the options
  "Auto Wrap" "Margin Wrap" and "Discard Wrap" and under the line
"Process Text" -- Activating Process Text does not cause any action.
The tools menu does not show any spellchecking options.
Still I see that the properties of context, default and scite-ctx are
loaded in the list of the options menu.
Might there be a stack problem? I coud immagine this, because I had to
comment several of the import statements in the global.properties file
before Scite would import context.properties and default.properties
which reside at the end of the list.


Hans Hagen wrote:
> Willi Egger wrote:
>> As in my other post is mentioned now there is an error while scite 
>> attempts to load lua.
> Also in the big zipped version ?
>> I downloaded the mswintex.zip of 30-07-05. After installing I see no 
>> major problems with different testfiles. Of course the "lua loading 
>> error" remains.
>> Further I detected: that there must have been changes in the Antykwa 
>> Torunska environment:
>>     ...
>>     texnansi-antt
>>     fonts           : using map file: rm-antt
>>     fonts           : using map file: mi-antt
>>     fonts           : using map file: sy-antt
>>     fonts           : using map file: ex-antt
>> {c:\NEWCON~1\tex\texmf-fonts/fonts/map/pdftex/context/texnansi-urw-zapfchan 
>> .map}{c:\NEWCON~1\tex\texmf-fonts/fonts/map/pdftex/context/texnansi-public-antp 
>> .map}{c:\NEWCON~1\tex\texmf/fonts/map/pdftex/context/texnansi-antt.map}
>>     Warning: pdfetex.exe (file rm-antt.map): cannot open font map file
>>     Warning: pdfetex.exe (file mi-antt.map): cannot open font map file
>>     Warning: pdfetex.exe (file sy-antt.map): cannot open font map file
>> Warning: pdfetex.exe (file ex-antt.map): cannot open font map file
> fixed (i hope); i also added iwona and kurier and removed plr/csr/vnr 
> since we have mlr (oeps, i need to remove aer too) 
> Hans
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