[NTG-context] Scite spelling support

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sun Jul 31 20:16:53 CEST 2005

Willi Egger wrote:

> Yesterday I installed the support files you provided on the website.
> Interesetingly it worked with the version 1.62 of Scite. But not with 
> version !.64 which I downloaded today. Though there are the CTX menue 
> lines in the tools menue I can't get the spellchecker working. Anlike 
> in the older version 1.62. There are no messages during starting 
> Scite. So I am a bit puzzled.

Are you sure that the right properties are loaded? (Try to insert the 
ctx import in a user file; also keep in mind that after sucha change you 
need to close/open scite)

> During my first tests with the older 1.62 Version I collected some 
> remarks:
> Uk-wordlist
> Caps at the beginning of a word are not recognized e.g. "The" is 
> underlined red indicating an error.
> The section "m" is uncomplete in the spell-uk.txt. It ends with 
> meningo...

maybe we can collect some better word lists; actually, it is possible to 
handle multiple lists per language (in the properties file you can 
specify a comma separated list of files)

> NL-word-list
> The word "rug" misses in the Dutch word-list
> Dutch words are not recognized when starting with a capital letter. 
> e.g. Betreft

ok, i can have a look at that

> The article "de" misses in the Dutch word-list. Althogh the "De"
> is not recognized it is also not underlined with red.

i skip words <= 3 chars (is configurable)

> At line 8904 in de word-list: d\'eg‚n‚r‚ - Meaning?

> Otherwise it looks like we will have a nice tool!

i'll also implement context syntax checking some time 


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