[NTG-context] background of a table and fillinlines

Jessica Holle jessica.holle at vit.de
Fri Jul 29 11:07:39 CEST 2005


today I have real questions :-)

I have a picture for the background which is defined in this way:


and a table, which is defined like this:

\bTR \bTD {\bf Tag}        \eTD \bTD[nc=2] {\bf
\midaligned{Ausgef"uhrte Arbeiten, Unterricht usw.}} \eTD \bTD {\bf
Stundenanzahl} \eTD \eTR
\bTR \bTD {\bf Montag}     \eTD \bTD \eTD \bTD \startitemize \tx
\stopitemize \eTD \bTD 7,7 \eTD \eTR
\bTR \bTD {\bf Dienstag}   \eTD \bTD \eTD \bTD \startitemize \tx
\stopitemize \eTD \bTD 7,7      \eTD \eTR
\bTR \bTD {\bf Mittwoch}   \eTD \bTD \eTD \bTD \startitemize \tx
\stopitemize \eTD \bTD 7,7 \eTD \eTR

This table varied in its height. One week there are more items and
one week the are less items.

Now to my problem.
I want to have this graphic in the back of the table. Always in the
middle of the table. The width of the table is always the same.
I can place the background but I shouldn't have a absolute position.
The position should vary concerning to the height of the table.
Is this possible?
I've found nothing in the PDF's to this problem.

Another thing are fillinrules:

can I define the look of the line? Now it is always a line, but I
want a thinner line or points. Like I can define in \setupunderbar
but in \setupfillinrules I did't find this option.

Hope somebody can help...

Big thanks

Greetings Jessica

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