[NTG-context] \type ,\meaning eror check

luigi.scarso luigi.scarso at logosrl.it
Fri Jul 29 09:06:30 CEST 2005

I have this problem:

%% test.tex
%-save this with utf-8 encoding--------------
\csname ARTICLEdescription\endcsname%
%% here some sorts of checking
%% if there are some errors
%% while expanding
%% \csname ARTICLEdescription\endcsname ;
%% check will change state of \ifArticleError
%%  errors:
%% typescript macros \ARTICLEdescription
\meaning\csname ARTICLEdescription\endcsname}%
\aftersplitstring \T \at>\to\Temp%
\else %% else ok
{{\bf Hòàà}\framed{wrong  framed macros}}
\startArticle[description={{\bf Hoòaà}\framed{ok  framed macro}}]
\startArticle[description={{\bf Hoòaà}\Framed{WRONG  framed macro}}]

oò := {o\`o}
aà := {a\`a}

compile it with
$>texexec --pdf --batch test.tex


   1. i dont't know how to make checking
   2. \type does not combine well with \meaning: ò (ie {\`o} ) is not show.

thanks in advance


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