[NTG-context] \page[+2]

Elena Fraboschi elena at mendoza.math.indiana.edu
Thu Jul 28 18:57:40 CEST 2005

Dear All:

This is like going to school: every evening I study a very narrow
topic in ConTeXt, the idea being "Si va piano, si va lontano" ("go
slow and you'll get far").  So last night I was to study
cross-references, and that was simple enough EXCEPT...

I could not come up with a practical application for 
\page[+2] or \page[-2].  I understand the concept (I think):
it is two pages ahead, or two pages back, relative to the
current page.  But could anyone tell me in what context (sorry for
the pun) would that be used?

I must be missing something.  How could I possibly know what's
on page "current + 2" or "current - 2" unless I compile, in which
case the notation would be equivalent to inserting cross-references
manually?  As I said, I am missing something, but what.

Thanks in advance, elena

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