[NTG-context] "Very dirty" localisation request for a rainy evening

Brooks Moses bmoses at stanford.edu
Wed Jul 27 01:56:49 CEST 2005

At 04:35 PM 7/26/2005, Mojca Miklavec wrote:
>Brooks Moses wrote:
>>So, anyhow, I wrote up a short third-party module to handle Slovenian 
>>character enumeration (can I presume that the rest of the alphabet 
>>ordering is the same as English?),
>Ordering is the same, but in English some very strange letters are used in 
>addition to the "standard alphabet" :)
>      \or a\or b\or c\or \ccaron\or d\or e\or f\or g\or h\or i\or j\or k\or l%
>      \or m\or n\or o\or p\or r\or s\or \scaron\or t\or u\or v\or z\or 
> \zcaron%

Ok; I've updated the versions on my website to include the other two extra 
characters as well.


Does the test file look like it does all of the enumerations correctly now?

>Thank you very much again,

You're quite welcome!
- Brooks

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