[NTG-context] "Very dirty" localisation request for a rainy evening

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 23:01:49 CEST 2005

Hello Hans,

Today I saw a webpage of someone, who is very active in the field of
translation and localisation of free software into Slovenian. It
astonished me the way he numered the items on his webpage:

(a) approximation ...
(b) Gauss ...
(c) numerical solutions ...
(č) solving parabolic ... % [\ccaron]
(d) ...

This should actually be the only proper way to number items in
Slovenian, but you can imagine that nobody is able to use that since
the beginning of computer era. (Another example is the usage of
quotation marks: most people use the American quotation marks instead
of the German ones just because MS Word defaults to that.)

However, those people who really care, use the Slovenian alphabet when
enumerating (manually, of course). I'm proud, for example, that I was
in the class "1.Č" in the high school.

Not right away, but any time in the future when unicode, fonts and
similar will be updated/reimplemented/fully supported and when it will
be raining cats and dogs and nothing interesting will be on TV: can
you think on this this tiny request to switch to local enumeration if
\mainlanguage[sl] (or any other language with a similar request) is
selected? In a similar way as the sorting rules are applied in this
kind of documents.

(I'll take the response for "backward compatibility" issues (documents
that now use enumeration a, b, c, d would use another enumeration
afterwards) - if anyone would complain, he would have to talk to me

I don't know if there is any special agreement in case there are more
than 26 items in the list, but sometimes a, b, ... x, y, z, aa, ab,
ac, ... zz, aaa, aab, aac, ... is used. I never needed that many items
until now, but the issue could theoretically be interesting for the
others. Trying to use more than 26 items results in an arror at the


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