[NTG-context] \setuphead command

Elena Fraboschi elena at mendoza.math.indiana.edu
Mon Jul 25 16:50:51 CEST 2005

Dear All:

I amhaving my own private warfare with the \setuphead command, and 
I wonder whether anyone can give me a hint.  I have three problems,
which I describe in detail below.  They are:

(1) how to setup run-in text after a subhead,
(2) how to align the section, subsection, ... headers left or right
    (I am not talking of the running heads here)
(3) vertical whitespace before a section header when it falls at the
    beginning of a new page
What is *not* wanted :-)
If the solution is use command=\mycommand, fine, I can do that.  just
please tell me that that's the only solution. I really am not asking
about how to write a "Plain" or "LaTeX" command.  Rather, what I'd like
to know is if there is a ConTeXt-ish way to do these things, and by
that I mean [something=something].

Description of my problems
(1) At the Indiana Univ. Math. J. we use three levels of headings, let's call 
them \section, \subsection, and \subsubsection.  The last two use run-in
text.  In Plain, the corresponding command might be something like this:


The outcome is this:

    My cat Inca.  Inca is a beautiful black cat though she is now
approaching her "golden" years.

I could not come up with a [...=...] way to do run-in text after a
heading.  The only thing I did not try is something that occurred to 
me while walking to work - would this work?

(2) Horizontal alignment.  This problem is almost funny.  Consider these
two setups:

The section will appear just fine, centered between the left and the
right margins.  The subsection head will appear flush RIGHT!  If, instead,
you write

the subsection head will appear flush LEFT.  Hmmm...  Hans, are you dyslexic?
:-)  (just in case, here comes another one :-))

I was able to obtain a subsection header as I wanted it by writing

The problem is that, even though it works, I do not want to learn ConTeXt
the wrong way.  I do not want to "hack" it if there are set, orthodox ways
to do what I want to do.

(3) Plain TeX had some setup commands (have to re-acquaint myself with
The TeXBook - have not done Plain in years) such that you could insert
vertical whitespace before a section (subsection...) header, as wanted,
but if in the course of writing that section header happened to fall
at the top of a new page, then the vertical whitespace before it would
be gobbled up.  The reason is very simple:  you do not want to have a
"ragged top".  My question is this:  Is there any built-in thing like
that in ConTeXt?  Is there a command to "gobble up" vertical whitespace
when a page break sends a heading to the top of the next page?

Many thanks for any and all help.  Best, elena (I wore thin the
LiveContext interface this weekend - what a great thing to have!)

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