[NTG-context] LaTeX \newcommands in ConTeXt.

Brooks Moses bmoses at stanford.edu
Mon Jul 25 08:15:21 CEST 2005

I've recently been doing a little work on implementing a few LaTeX kernel 
bits in ConTeXt, to simplify porting LaTeX code over.  It's now at a point 
where a few of the pieces might actually be useful, and certainly to a 
point where some comments would be welcomed, so I've put up a version of it 
online, in this directory:


What you'll find there is a fair number of module files, along with a 
couple of "latextest" files that I've been using to try out the 
results.  latextext.tex is to be compiled in ConTeXt; latextext-latex.tex 
is to be compiled in LaTeX for purposes of comparison.

In any case, I think the implementation of \newcommand (and its relatives) 
is about up to "beta" level.  Ditto with LaTeX lengths.  And there's a 
working LaTeX-like counter implementation, based on ConTeXt counters 
underneath.  (It's not yet hooked into ConTeXt's counters for footnotes and 
equations and pages, though; I'm not really sure how to do that.)

Also, environments are working, in a sort of hackish way.  The "array" 
environment works, but again a bit hackish; I'm planning to clean that up 
soon, so both of those will get major revisions.

I'd particularly appreciate any comments on the \newcommand and counters 
implementations -- those are in the t-ltcmds and t-ltcnts modules, though 
\newcommand also depends on t-lterrs and t-ltbase.

- Brooks

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