[NTG-context] Texfont / OTF / Font installation.

David Wooten dw at trichotomic.net
Fri Jul 22 22:10:45 CEST 2005

Greetings all (esp. Adam ;),

I'm experimenting a bit again with texfont. I'm having trouble  
getting DTL's Haarlemmer OTF to work. For starters, one file:  
H022X13D.otf (which is Haarlemmer Regular):


  texfont --fo=MyFontRoot --ma --in --ve=dtl --co=haarlemmer --lcdf -- 
pre --va=liga,kern,onum

TeXFont 2.2.1 - ConTeXt / PRAGMA ADE 2000-2004

mktexlsr: Updating MyFontRoot/ls-R...
mktexlsr: Done.
        encoding vector : texnansi
       encoding variant : liga,kern,onum
            vendor name : dtl
            source path : .
        font collection : haarlemmer
        texmf font root : MyFontRoot
        pdftex map file : texnansi-LIGA-KERN-ONUM-dtl-haarlemmer.map
            source path : .
       processing files : all on afm path
     locating afm files : using otf files
             converting : ./H022X13D.otf to ./H022X13D.pfb
          copying files : afm
          copying files : pfb
                copying : H022X13D.pfb
          copying files : otf
                copying : H022X13D.otf
     extending map file : MyFontRoot/fonts/map/pdftex/context/ 

        font identifier : DTLHaarlemmerDOT-Regular -> text -> tfm
       processing files : otf -> tfm + enc
I had to round some heights by 10.0000000 units.
I had to round some depths by 4.0000000 units.
I had to round some heights by 10.0000000 units.
I had to round some depths by 4.0000000 units.
      updating map file : texnansi-LIGA-KERN-ONUM-dtl-haarlemmer.map

             generating : ls-r databases

mktexlsr: Updating MyFontRoot/ls-R...
mktexlsr: Done.


following that, trying


texexec --pdf --mode=compact --once texnansi-LIGA-KERN-ONUM-dtl- 

TeXExec 5.2.4 - ConTeXt / PRAGMA ADE 1997-2005

             executable : pdfetex
                 format : cont-en
              inputfile : texnansi-LIGA-KERN-ONUM-dtl-haarlemmer
                 output : pdftex
              interface : en
                options : once
           current mode : compact

This is pdfeTeX, Version 3.141592-1.21a-2.2 (Web2C 7.5.4)
entering extended mode

ConTeXt  ver: 2005.01.31  fmt: 2005.4.3  int: english  mes: english

language        : language en is active
<protectionstate 0>
system          : cont-new loaded
systems         : beware: some patches loaded from cont-new.tex!
color           : palette rollover is available
system (E-TEX) : [line 878]
system (E-TEX) : [line 933]
system          : cont-old loaded
loading         : Context Old Macros
system          : cont-fil loaded
loading         : Context File Synonyms
system          : cont-sys loaded
system          : macros of module plus loaded
loading         : Context Plus Macros / Ruled Content Handling
)) (/usr/local/TeTeX/share/texmf.tetex/tex/context/base/type-syn.tex)
bodyfont        : 12pt rm is loaded
language        : patterns en->default:default->1->2:2 uk- 
2:2 de->texnansi:texnansi->3->2:2 de->ec:ec->4->2:2 fr- 
:2 fr->ec:ec->6->2:2 es->default:default->7->2:2 it- 
it->ec:ec->9->2:2 nl->texnansi:texnansi->10->2:2 nl->ec:ec->11->2:2  
specials        : tex,postscript,rokicki loaded
system          : texnansi-LIGA-KERN-ONUM-dtl-haarlemmer.top loaded
specials        : loading definition file tpd
specials        : loading definition file fdf
<unprotect 3> <unprotect 4>
system (E-TEX) : [line 2280] \ifcsname
<protect 4> <protect 3>)
specials        : fdf loaded
<unprotect 3> <protect 3>)
specials        : fdf,tpd loaded
system          : macros of module fnt-01 loaded
color           : system rgb is global activated
fonts           : using map file: texnansi-LIGA-KERN-ONUM-dtl- 
fonts           : using map file: texnansi-public-lm.map
fonts           : using map file: all-base.map
fonts           : using map file: original-public-vnr.map
fonts           : using map file: original-public-csr.map
fonts           : using map file: original-public-plr.map
fonts           : using map file: original-public-lm.map
fonts           : using map file: original-ams-euler.map
fonts           : using map file: original-ams-cmr.map
fonts           : using map file: texnansi-base.map
fonts           : using map file: t5-base.map
fonts           : using map file: qx-base.map
fonts           : using map file: 8r-base.map
fonts           : using map file: ec-base.map
fonts           : using map file: ec-public-lm.map
fonts           : using map file: original-base.map
systems         : begin file texnansi-LIGA-KERN-ONUM-dtl-haarlemmer  
at line 7
kpathsea: Running mktextfm texnansi-LIGA-KERN-ONUM-H022X13D
mktextfm: Running mf-nowin -progname=mf \mode:=ljfour; mag:=1;  
nonstopmode; input texnansi-LIGA-KERN-ONUM-H022X13D
This is METAFONT, Version 2.71828 (Web2C 7.5.4)

kpathsea: Running mktexmf texnansi-LIGA-KERN-ONUM-H022X13D
! I can't find file `texnansi-LIGA-KERN-ONUM-H022X13D'.
<*> ...ode; input texnansi-LIGA-KERN-ONUM-H022X13D

Please type another input file name
! Emergency stop.
<*> ...ode; input texnansi-LIGA-KERN-ONUM-H022X13D

Transcript written on mfput.log.
grep: texnansi-LIGA-KERN-ONUM-H022X13D.log: No such file or directory
mktextfm: `mf-nowin -progname=mf \mode:=ljfour; mag:=1; nonstopmode;  
input texnansi-LIGA-KERN-ONUM-H022X13D' failed to make texnansi-LIGA- 
kpathsea: Appending font creation commands to missfont.log.
! Font \**WhateverFont**=texnansi-LIGA-KERN-ONUM-H022X13D at 10.0pt  
not loadabl
e: Metric (TFM) file not found.
<to be read again>
\dododefinefont ...ontspec {#2}\rawfontidentifier

\redodefinefont #1#2#3->\dododefinefont {#1}{#2}
                                                 \doifsetupselse {#3}  
<argument> ...egular\quad texnansi] \WhateverFont
\setupinterlinespace \show...

\firstofoneargument #1->#1

l.9 ...texnansi-LIGA-KERN-ONUM-H022X13D][texnansi]



Curiously (it seems to me), while there is no texnansi-LIGA-KERN-ONUM- 
H022X13D.tfm file, there is a texnansi-LIGA-KERN-ONUM- 
DTLHaarlemmerDOT-Regular.tfm file.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,
David Wooten 

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