[NTG-context] line break

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Jul 20 14:02:22 CEST 2005

Jörg Hagmann wrote:

> Some time ago, I inquired about the problem of an unwanted linebreak.  
> The linebreak is inserted after an \inothermargin command, if at the  
> same time there is a figure occupying the margin and some part of the  
> textarea on the opposite side (a type of figure here called  
> "vignette"). When I run the .tex file (see below) on the wiki, I get  
> the same result as on my computer.
> Could somebody tell me whether there is an abvious mistake in what I  
> did or that's the way it is, and nothing can be done (I include the  
> complete setuparea, just to be sure).

you can put this in cont-new.tex (after \unprotect); it solves the 
problem but i'm not that sure if it does not introduce new ones

   \forgetall % otherwise sidefloat problems, added 2005/07/20         \postponefootnotes % group is (somehow) needed
     [   \v!left=>\let\next\doleftmarginblock,  % no swapping
        \v!right=>\let\next\dorightmarginblock, % no swapping
\dorightmarginblock\doleftmarginblock },
\dorightmarginblock\doleftmarginblock }}
\doleftmarginblock \dorightmarginblock}}%
   \rawpagereference\s!mar{#5}% naar binnen ! ! ! !
   \egroup % don't forget the group

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