[NTG-context] Basic question on Unicode and ConTeXt

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 22:26:03 CEST 2005

Hans Hagen wrote:
> Mojca Miklavec wrote:
> >regi-lat.tex is interesting, made just for typesetting Croatian :)
> >Perhaps I can add some stuff there too.
> >
> >\defineactivetoken đ {\pseudoencodeddj}
> >\defineactivetoken Ð {\pseudoencodedDJ}
> >
> >This should be \dstroke and \Dstroke.
> >
> ok, changed

Thank you.

\Dstroke has some "problems" anyway, at least in cmr (lmr?). The
stroke should be on the left, but it is on the right. I thought it was
just because \tt don't have that glyph, but also the roman version is
rendered extremely bad.

> >Where did the "hungarumlaut" characters get the name from?
> >
> the names probably come from postscript

Thanks, I looked into some .afm files and they were actually there.

> btw, there is a differnece between umlaut and diaeresis (height)

So what is the proper way of writing 'ä' (a umlaut) then?

> can't you make it into a
> \defineactivetoken 128 {\texteuro} % € 20AC EURO SIGN
> kind of table?

Good idea indeed, it looks much nicer this way.

> maybe a better name is regi-ce or just regi-1250

regi-ce is a bad name as there are 4 central european encodings
(IBM-853, ISO-8859-2, MacCE and Windows-1250) plus Croatian. 1250
alone is probably OK, but there's no hint in file name about which
encoding is meant (windows/ibm/iso/mac ...).

I tested the code for regime synonyms and it looks OK. Thanks for
investingating my request :)

> (concerning eregi-* files: you can define filesynonyms so we need a list of filesynonyms and regimesynonyms)

What do you mean by writing file synonyms? Where would it be used?

For unicode regimes, this is probably an useful (more or less complete) set.

\defineregimesynonym[utf 8][utf]

(Btw, I tried all the four before I got the answer on the mailing list
that I should use 'utf' instead.)

For the rest of the regimes I have to take a look first, so that I
don't say anything wrong. There has to be only one clear scheme.

> there are
> \showcharacters
> \showaccents

Thank you. The commands were only kind-of-working here. They produced
the table that I wanted (and quite some trash as well), but they were
complaining a lot.

Thanks for the contribution into Visual debugging, Hraban!

What's the proper name for nonbreaking space, '~', to be put in regi-* file?


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