[NTG-context] "Escaping" tabulate

Radhelorn radhelorn at mail.ru
Fri Jul 15 18:13:19 CEST 2005

Hans Hagen wrote:
> Radhelorn wrote:
>> Henning Hraban Ramm wrote:
>>> Am 2005-07-14 um 15:49 schrieb Radhelorn:
>>>> I'm expirementing with tabular layouts and have many problems with  
>>>> tabulate. For example I want to make tabulate header of description  
>>>> but ConTeXt gives me errors about missing } and such. I is possible  
>>>> to make tabulate "one big letter" as in LaTeX and manipuate it as a  
>>>> whole? I haven't any luck with combinations of vbox/hbox. Maybe  
>>>> there is ConTeXish way to do this?
>>> Try buffers;
>>> try \bgroup ... \egroup instead of {...} in definitions;
>>> try to post a minimal example of what you did, so that we don't have  
>>> to search for our crystal balls in order to help you.
>> Here is one:
>> \starttext
>> \definetyping[test][option=commands]
>> \starttest
>> /BTEX\vbox\starttabulate
>> \NC test \NC test \NR
>> \NC test \NC test \NR
>> \stoptabulate/ETEX
>> \stoptest
>> \stoptext
>> Maybe I'm abusing tabular because TeXish \settabs will do for many 
>> cases but I want to use some of tabular features.
> what do you want to achieve? why do you need the typing?

This is just an example where tabular gives errors. Actualy I started 
from tries to align not floating tables (\setuptabular[align=middle] 
\startalignment[middle] doesn't help). I thougt that making tabular 
independent from it's surroundings will be workaround and provide 
possibility to abuse it in some other places.

Sorry, this is bad example.

I've solved aligning problem with \hfill\vbox or \rightaligned, but this 
needs to be done for each table.

Did I miss something important?

Radhelorn <radhelorn at mail.ru>

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