FW: [NTG-context] itemize error in setbodyfont

"박내엽" akarui at naver.com
Sun Jul 10 04:25:16 CEST 2005

Thank you reply

but i can't solve that error with itemize seperater symbol with dot \startitemize[1, packed] body font 22 or higher size 

and  attached my test file.  How can i correct?

\startitemize[1, packed]
	     \item hdjsdahfdhfj
	     \item ilikowpiroqpppppppppppp

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> Subject: [NTG-context] itemize error in setbodyfont

This error massage in \startitemize[1, packed] with \setbodyfont[22pt].  
How can I do
systems         : begin file paint at line 11
title           : - \midaligned {자전거 폐기안내}
! Math formula deleted: Insufficient symbol fonts.
\mathematics #1->\relax \ifmmode #1\else $#1$
\dodosymbol ...bol \csname \??ss :#1:#2\endcsname 
                                                  \relax }\relax 
\dosymbol ...fnosymbol \redosymbol \currentsymbol 
                                                  \fi \fi 
<to be read again> 
\dodosymbol ...name \??ss :#1:#2\endcsname \relax 
\dosymbol ...fnosymbol \redosymbol \currentsymbol 
                                                  \fi \fi 
l.19  \item ?
? Terminating on signal SIGHUP(1)

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