[NTG-context] Bold Greek Math with Fourier Font

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Sat Jul 9 22:23:43 CEST 2005

Randall Skelton said this at Sat, 9 Jul 2005 14:57:29 -0400:

>\starttypescript [bfmath] [fourier] [name]
>  \definefontsynonym [MathRoman]     [Fourier-Math-Letters-Bold]
>  \definefontsynonym [MathItalic]    [Fourier-Math-Letters-Italic-Bold]
>  \definefontsynonym [MathSymbol]    [Fourier-Math-Symbols]
>  \definefontsynonym [MathExtension] [Fourier-Math-Extension]
>I've included a quick test below.  When I run it, I get all the fonts
>being bold and some Greek symbols are missing after the \bfm command.
>Any ideas?


That last typescript you list should be:

\starttypescript [bfmath] [fourier] [name]
  \definefontsynonym [MathRomanBold]     [Fourier-Math-Letters-Bold]
  \definefontsynonym [MathItalicBold]    [Fourier-Math-Letters-Italic-Bold]
  \definefontsynonym [MathSymbolBold]    [Fourier-Math-Symbols]
  \definefontsynonym [MathExtensionBold] [Fourier-Math-Extension]

You were redefining the normal math options to be the bold fonts. The
above typescript uses the named MathBlahBold slots, to be called with \bfm.
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