[NTG-context] Bold Greek Math with Fourier Font

Michel Bovani michel.bovani at wanadoo.fr
Sat Jul 9 15:04:50 CEST 2005

Le 8/07/2005 20:16, Randall Skelton a dit :
> Hi all,
> Does anyone know how to setup fourier to have boldfaced symbols (both
> greek and roman) using the Fourier font?  I've read through the 
> "Mixed Normal and Bold Math"  doc, but I cannot seem to get bold to
> work at all with the Fourier font.  Heck, I cannot even get the
> boldmath definition to stop substituting with cm!

I know fourier very well, but I am *not* a context user...

I think you have to modify type-spe.tex

\starttypescript [math,boldmath] [fourier] [special]

%% Was
%% \starttypescript [math] [fourier] [special]
%% \usemathcollection[fou]
%% \stoptypescript

Then just add

in type-enc.tex

\starttypescript [boldmath] [fourier] [default,ec]
   \definefontsynonym [Fourier-Math-Letters-Bold]         [futb8t] 
   \definefontsynonym [Fourier-Math-Letters-Italic-Bold]  [futmiib]
   \definefontsynonym [Fourier-Math-Symbols]         [futsy]
   \definefontsynonym [Fourier-Math-Extension]       [fourier-mex]

in type-sync.tex

\starttypescript [boldmath] [fourier] [name]
   \definefontsynonym [MathRoman]     [Fourier-Math-Letters-Bold]
   \definefontsynonym [MathItalic]    [Fourier-Math-Letters-Italic-Bold]
   \definefontsynonym [MathSymbol]    [Fourier-Math-Symbols]
   \definefontsynonym [MathExtension] [Fourier-Math-Extension]

It seems to work, but it is not strongly tested...

Michel Bovani

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