[NTG-context] Why does ConTeXt try to load Latin Modern?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Jul 6 23:36:50 CEST 2005

Giuseppe Bilotta wrote:

> The fallback being a fallback, it should be something that
> everybody has for sure. So it should stay cmr12. This, at
> least, is MNHO.
> Is there a way to set the fall-back font? (In cont-usr or
> something)

actually, lmr will be in all distributions, if it isn't already; it will replace 
cmr (at least the non math part) [either or not by map file entries]; the reason 
why i push it a bit is (1) it needs testing and (2) well, i want to push usage, 
and (3) it is simply a better solution esp with accented characters.

So, even if you use cmr12, it will be mapped onto lmr12 (either in (con)tex(t) 
or by means of a map file); don't worry, it is compatible; (although there may 
be future variants that have improvements)


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