[NTG-context] Why does ConTeXt try to load Latin Modern?

luigi.scarso luigi.scarso at logosrl.it
Wed Jul 6 18:42:15 CEST 2005

Taco Hoekwater wrote:

>>>> **tesi.tex
This is a hidden sign that G. Billotta is working on his mathematics 
('quasi finita', i hope)

>>> I N   B O C C A   A L   L U P O  !!!
>> Crepi il lupo! :)

""When someone tells you "in bocca al lupo" to wish you good luck, you 
are supposed to reply "crepi" (maybe you can use the extended sentence 
as well, i. e. "crepi il lupo").
If you simply reply "grazie", you are supposed not to have luck! ""
Used sometimes by students to wish each other good luck before exams.

Well, G. Billotta was the first (and last, for now) italian I met inside 
context code.
I was able to find one of his article on context at
which I'm reading for a (planned) presentation to guit 2005 meeting,
together with modules.pdf  which I'm building , with some efforts.

I hope that when modules.pdf will be ok, answer sto questions like
"Why does ConTeXt try to load Latin Moder" will be more rapid.


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