[NTG-context] Re: Confusion with font instructions

David Rogers davidrogers at telus.net
Mon Jul 4 18:02:56 CEST 2005

Adam Lindsay wrote:

>Hi Otared,
>What you mention sounds like a bug propagated by Hans last month. Take
>look at this thread:
>(Assuming you're comfortable with the CLI, I'd suggest verifying the
>file by navigating to /usr/local/teTeX/share or wherever your tex trees
>live, and looking for the file:
>ls */fonts/map/*/context/pdftex.map
>If a file is returned, delete it (and mktexlsr again).

I deleted the pdftex.map file you mentioned, ran mktexlsr, and I still
get the same effect. (I changed the font in my document from Times to
Palatino, in case I was only getting a Times that had been badly
generated on my first try with the map file still installed, but it now
creates a bad version of Palatino as well.)


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