[NTG-context] International characters in math

Wolfgang Zillig wolfgang.zillig at student.kuleuven.be
Tue Jun 28 08:44:42 CEST 2005

Radhelorn wrote:

> Hello All!
> I've returned to my experiments with fonts and have a question: is 
> there a way to use international characters in math like with LaTeX 
> mathtext package? Or even as \text{} in AMS LaTeX?
> Is there some documentation on math in ConTeXt except sources?
There are more ways to typset formulas in context. One is to use mathml, 
but there is a module called newmat (\usemodule[newmat]) and this is the 
way I use math in context. And there is it possible to use \text{}. 
International characters should not be a problem then.

Hope that helps you!


Here a short example how to use math with this module(you can use inline 
math with $ some math $ ):

q = \delta \frac{{\partial p}}{{\partial x}} = \delta (\phi )p_{vsat} 
(\theta )\frac{{\partial \phi }}{{\partial x}} = \left[ {\frac{{\delta 
_a }}{{\mu (\theta )}}p_{vsat} (\theta )} \right]\frac{{\partial \phi 
}}{{\partial x}} = k\frac{{\partial \phi }}{{\partial x}}

\leg k \\ water vapor permeability \\ \\
\leg K \\ water vapor permance \\ \\
\leg S \\ surface \\ \\
\leg L \\ length \\ \\

Aligning is also possible:

t_{L,early} & = t_{L,late} = t_{L,ray} \cr
 & = 6\ \mu m \cr

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