[NTG-context] deviant bodyfont size query

Alan Bowen acbowen at princeton.edu
Mon Jun 27 12:27:43 CEST 2005

Thanks, Taco. That helps: I now have the correct bodyfont sizes.  
Unfortunately,  the footnote numbers are now being printed at 10.5pt/ 
9.5pt, and I am also getting error messages like

! Math formula deleted: Insufficient symbol fonts.
<argument> ...2004.\ Pp.\ ${\rm xxxii} + 156 + 76$
                                                    (in Arabic).\  
ISBN 0||934...

I am using Latin Modern which I have invoked as follows:

\usetypescript [all] [latin-modern] [texnansi]
\definebodyfont [10.5pt,9.5pt] [rm,ss,tt,mm] [default]
\setupbodyfont[cmr, 10.5pt]

(\definebodyfont [10.5pt,9.5pt] [rm,ss,tt,mm] [texnansi] does not  
solve the original problem).

As for the footnotes, I use

Best, Alan

On Jun 27, 2005, at 4:10 AM, Taco Hoekwater wrote:

> Alan Bowen wrote:
>> Until the last three updates to ConTeXt, I was getting output  
>> without  error messages inspite of the fact that I was calling for  
>> bodyfont  sizes of 10.5 pt and 9.5 pt.  Now, when I process the  
>> same documents  I get error messages and the output has 10pt and  
>> 9pt text where I had  originally asked for the deviant sizes.
> This (or something similar) should work:
>  \definebodyfont [10.5pt,9.5pt] [rm,ss,tt,mm] [default]
> The newer ConTeXt no longer automatically creates a font definition
> set for undefined sizes, you have to do that manually.
> Greetings, taco
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