[NTG-context] Defining symbols and symb-*.tex files

Keith McKay mckaymeister at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 18:00:04 CEST 2005

Dear All

I have been using fleurons in a couple of documents I have been producing by
using the context commands \loadmapfile and \definesymbols of the fleurons I
want to use, in each document. This is becoming a bit laborious so I though
I could create a symb-*.tex file with all my fleurons defined in it which I
could use in future documents.

I had a look through 'Fonts in Context', and Section 12 Symbols and Glyphs
described how to define the euro symbol which looked pretty straight
forward.  I also looked on the Wiki and reread Adam Lindsay email in reply
to my earlier fleuron problem.  So, suitably educated I wrote the following
symbol-fle.tex file with a few fleurons defined and saved it in
F:\isoimage\usr\local\context\tex\texmf-local\tex\context\base where other
symb-*.tex filed are stored.


\loadmapfile [texnansi-web-fleurons.map]

\definefontsynonym [Fleurons] [texnansi-fleurons]

\startsymbolset[Fleuron Beings]
 \definesymbol[Frog]             [\getglyph{Fleurons}{\char44}]
 \definesymbol[SmallAngel]    [\getglyph{Fleurons}{\char101}]
 \definesymbol[BigAngel]       [\getglyph{Fleurons}{\char108}]
 \definesymbol[Mouse]          [\getglyph{Fleurons}{\char129}]

I then wrote a short test to show these fleurons but no success

\symbol[Fleurons] [Frog]%%%%%%%%%%%%%Result - No Frog fleuron only Frog

\symbol[Fleurons] [SmallAngel]%%%%%%%Result - No SmallAngel fleuron only

\symbol[Fleurons] [BigAngel]%%%%%%%%%Result - No BigAngel fleuron only

\symbol[Fleurons] [Mouse]%%%%%%%%%%%%Result - No Mouse fleuron only Mouse

The result is the text identifier of the fleurons.  I must be missing
something fundamental in these definitions. Any suggestions?


Keith McKay
Hamilton, Scotland

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