[NTG-context] importing figures in metapost

andrea valle andrea.valle at unito.it
Sat Jun 11 16:52:42 CEST 2005

Hi to all,
newbie here, so please pardon me if I'm asking obvious things.
I'm a latex user, but I am fascinated by context.
I've a project and I'd like to know if it's possible to do it in 
The idea is the following:
I have to draw a directed graph representing relations between musical 
elements. My graph is made of nodes and links. Links are represented as 
arrows as usual, but they should include a label with text displayed 
near to each of them.
Nodes should be blocks of musical notation.
Now, I'm using lilypond to generate musical fragments 
(www.lilypond.org). Lilypond outputs ps, pdf  and png also. For my 
project actually I am using the pgf package under latex. In this way I 
can create graphs: I can draw lines with arrows, I can give each vertex 
an xy pair of coordinates, and I can associate  each vertex an external 
But I'n not satisfied with the output, and I like very much context  
capabilties:  more, metafun is amazing.
Taking a look at the metafun doc, it seems to me that the drawing the  
edges  should be a very simple task.
But: is it possible to import an external figure inside metapost giving 
it a precise place in terms of xy coordinates?

Thanks a lot


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