[NTG-context] new release

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Sat May 28 22:37:51 CEST 2005

Thanks from me, too, to Taco for the change summary...

I notice this:

>new typescript: optima (uses optima-nova & palatino & lmtt)

Which is cool, but there's a free URW Optima clone available ("URW-
Classico"), that potentially makes Optima available to everyone. It's
slightly "buggy" as a font, but perfectly workable if you're not as
demanding as Walter A. Schmidt. (No offense to him--he has to be
demanding, given his role!)

I can do a release of these fonts, once we figure out a few things:
1) what to call this family (optima? optima-nova? classico?), 
2) how to package this up for people, and
3) where to put it.

If you want an early play, you can download the fonts from <http://
www.artifex.com/downloads/>, with the urwfonts_t1-1.40 package. The
following lines are from a batchfile for texfont.

# urw optima

--en=? --ve=urw --co=optima  --ro=TEXMFLOCAL --pat=o004*
--en=? --ve=urw --co=optima  --ro=TEXMFLOCAL --pat=o00400[34]t --ca=*

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