[NTG-context] Animations in ConTeXt

Richard Rascher-Friesenhausen richard at mevis.de
Fri May 20 18:00:45 CEST 2005

Hello list,

i have recently found the webpage 
with a lot of astonishing TeX typesettings. Most of all, because i was looking 
for this, i was impressed by the animation possibilities of pdftex. See 
'LorenzAttractor.tex' in the 'Dynamic documents' section. It is a LaTeX 
implementation using a lot of JavaScript. Is something like this possible in 

I'm aware  of fieldstacks and step by step presentations. But i would like to 
generate 'pdf-movies', especially for mathematical animations using MetaPost 
as an graphical engine.

There exists also a 'solution' for plain TeX:   
But i had no success in generating the pdf-files from the sources. No 
animation was shown. 

So again. Is it possible to write something like the above animation packages 
in ConTeXt (as a module)?

Thanks in advance
    richard rascher-friesenhausen


Richard Rascher-Friesenhausen                
MeVis -- Centrum fuer Medizinische Diagnosesysteme und Visualisierung GmbH
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email: richard at mevis.de
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