[NTG-context] encouraging line breaks

Stuart Jansen sjansen at gurulabs.com
Sat May 14 01:01:53 CEST 2005

What is the best way to encourage line breaks without hyphenation? I've
tried many combinations of \setuptolerances, \clubpenalty, \widowpenalty
\emergencystretch, etc. All to no avail. 

Basically, I've got XML content that is being rendered. Part of that
content needs to fit inside a small box at a large font size. (It's a
custom command tied to \chapter.) Although a line consisting of a single
word followed by copious white space would normally be very bad, in this
case it is fine. Below is an example situation where I want the text to
be rendered on two lines instead of one. I'm hoping I can do it without
adding manual breaks to the XML, however.

\definefont [GiantFont] [SansBold at 48pt]
\framed[width=3in,align=right]{\GiantFont Foobar Bazqux}

Stuart Jansen <sjansen at gurulabs.com>
Guru Labs, L.C.
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